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Madrid New Mexico House , 2019

Identifier: 6

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From the Collection:

The Howard LeVant Papers consist almost entirely of photographs; of those, most are the final versions of his work for clients. The great majority of the prints are mounted on white foam core boards for protection and for ease of transport and display to clients.

The first and largest series, Photographs, is divided into five subseries that reflect the major periods of LeVant’s commercial career: the King firm in Cleveland, Shigeta-Wright in Chicago; LeVant/Ditlove in Chicago; and LeVant Photography in Chicago; the fifth subseries, Personal, contains some of LeVant’s non-commercial photography shot for personal reasons throughout his career, both in Chicago and elsewhere. Within these subseries the items are arranged alphabetically by titles created by LeVant (and reproduced on typed labels affixed to the reverse of each print; the labels also indicate clients and sometimes advertising agencies).

The second series, Printed Materials, also document LeVant’s work for corporate clients, but as reproduced in printed and published items. Genres include annual reports, brochures, magazines, catalogues, and product packaging.

The third series, Chromes, contain LeVant’s commercial photograph as captured on color positive photographic film sheets (most sized 7.75” by 9.75”, with some smaller). They do not duplicate the print images found in the first series (Photographs).

The fourth series, Student Work, contains prints submitted by his students at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

The fifth series, Digital Files, consists of CDs produced by LeVant during his retirement and contain both images and texts documenting/explaining his commercial work.

The sixth series, Shigeta Wright, contains examples of images produced by others at that firm besides LeVant (George Wright and Harry Shigeta).


  • Creation: 2019

Collection Size

21,920 Kilobytes (Stored on Archives share drive and Google Drive.)


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