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Presidential Lecture series videos, 2014-2015

Identifier: 024.02.04

Documentation of IIT's Presidential Lecture Series, including: 1) a DVD of the March 11, 2014 lecture by Mark Rosen, Professor at IIT's Chicago-Kent College of Law, on the topic "Immigration, Citizenship, and Liberal Democracies." 2) a DVD of the March 30, 2015 lecture by Wiel Arets, Dean of IIT's College of Architecture, entitled "Towards a Hybrid Metropolis". Moderator: John W. Rowe; held in the Hermann Hall Ballroom; 1 DVD, 1 MP4. 2) a DVD of the November 10, 2014 lecture by Martin Cooper on "The Birth and Death of the Cell Phone." 3) A DVD of the June 11, 2014 lecture by IIT Associate Professor of Architecture Marshall Brown titled "Anticipation: Urban Scenarios for the Obama Presidential Archive." In the lecture, Brown discussed the important role archiecture and urban design would play in creating the next presidential library. 4) DVD containing photos from Marshal Brown's June 11, 2014 "Anticipation" lecture.


  • Creation: 2014-2015


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In 2014, Illinois Institute of Technology instituted an annual President's Lecture Series. The series is intended to bring leading experts in energy, sustainability, health, innovation and other areas of societal challenges to Chicago to lend their views and engage in discussion.


1) Received from John Kazibut of IITV on April 30, 2014, and given accession number 2014.006. 2) Recieved from John Kazibut of IITV on June 11, 2015 and given accession number 2015.006. 2) Received from John Kazibut of IITV on November 13, 2014, and given accession number 2015.001 3) Received from John Kazibut, Chief Engineer, IITV, as part of accession 2014.016. 4) Office of Community Affairs; sent by Jodi Houlihan on 8/14/2014.


Mindy C. Pugh, 6/26/2014



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