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Applied Mathematics Newsletters

Identifier: 003.01.03

Applied Mathematics Newsletter is a publication of the Applied Mathematics Department at Illinois Institute of Technology. Intended for faculty, students, alumni, and associates of the department, the newsletter includes information about departmental activities and spotlights its faculty and students. Register of issues of Applied Mathematics Department Newsletter. Issue Date, People/Topics Featured, No. of copies in the Archives:

  1. 2006 Fall, Karl Menger, Michael J. Pelsmajer, Edward Erickson, Lloyd Gavlin, John M. Kerulis, Joel D. Kruass, Jacob Matijevic, Richard J. Mihalek,Angeliki Ermogenous, Jianqiao Duan, Gladys Collins, George Skontos, 2
  2. 2007 Fred J. Hickernell, Greg Fasshauer, Tomasz Bielecki, Dietmar Rempfer, Mike McCourt, Xiaoyan Zeng, Ben Niu, Jack Zhang, John Erickson, Kevin Ventulla, Michael Pelsmajer, Aladimir Andrijevik, Thomas Banach, Milton Gordon, Xiofan Li, Snejana Abarji, Sue Sitton, Hermanshu Kaul, Igor Cialenco, Charles Tier, Maurice Frank, 1
  3. 2008 Xingye Kan, Jiarui Yang, Mingxi Ding, Buck McMorris, Andrea Vidozzi, Luca Vidozzi, Andrew Mehr, Mark Rhodes, Rocio Diaz, Shuwang Li, 1
  4. 2009 Greg Fasshauer, Jinqiao Duan, Michael Pelsmajer, Buck McMorris, Fred J. Hickernell, Donald Saari, Kevin Ventullo, Richard Durrett, Jae Kwan, Guohui Song, Charles Cairnes, Robert Kerns, 1
  5. 2010 Anita Thomas, Jinqiao Duan, Igor Cialenco, Fred J. Hickernell, Xingye Kan, Qi Ye, Lulu Kang, Plato Deliyannis, Susan Sutton, Tomasz Bielecki, Michael Pelsmajer, Hermanshu Kaul, Xiaofan Li, Michaael A. Cohen, William Robinson, MAry Anne Smith, 1
  6. 2011 Qi Ye, Fred Hickernell, Amian K. Barua, Rodrigo Rodriguez, Barrett Leslie, Jingran Liu, Ting Gao, Ismail Iyigunier, Shengqiang Xu, Yizhi Zhang, Peter Winkler, Milton Gordon, Fred Weening, Hualong Feng, Jinqiao Duan, Lul Kang, Robert Ellis, 1
  7. 2012 Igor Cialenco, financial markets, Joel D. Krauss, Michael Mongillo, Jacob Matijevic, Actuarial Science Club, John F. Erickson, Mariusz A. Niewglowski, 1
  8. 2014 Sonja Petrovic, Routing Gong, Tomasz Bielecki, Jeffrey Duan, Robert Ellis, Greg Fasshauer, Hermanshu Kaul, Igor Cialenco, John Erickson, Shuwant Li, Xiaofan Li, Warren Edelstein, Charles Tier, Lulu Kang, Andrea Bertozzi, Barrett Leslie, 1


  • Creation: 2006-2012


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Formerly 2006.030


Mindy Pugh, Assistant University Archivist, 12/5/2006

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