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Boder, David P. (David Pablo), 1886-1961



David P. Boder, 1886 - 1961, was a faculty member of both Lewis Institute (1929 - 1952 ?) and Illinois Institute of Technology, where he did pioneering research in psychology. Immediately after WW II he traveled to Europe where he interviewed 109 Holocaust survivors, many of them still in relocation camps. Upon retiring from IIT in 1952, Boder moved to California where he continued his research in psychology at UCLA. He was educated in Lithuania, Russia, Germany, and the University of Chicago, and received a Ph.D. from Northwestern University. Boder was employed as an academic, clinical, and research psychologist in Germany, Russia, Mexico, Chicago, and California holding positions in government, private sector, and educational institutions, specializing in trauma research and inventing psychological testing equipment. While at Lewis Institute, he found the Psychological Museum which was continued at IIT. In 1946, he traveled to Europe, visiting multiple camps where survivors of the Holocaust were awaiting relocation. Using newly invented magnetic wire recording equipment (invented by fellow-IIT colleague, Marvin Camras), Boder conducted what has since been recognized as the first recorded oral history interviews. He spent the rest of his life translating and transcribing the interviews, only a small number of which were published during his lifetime.

In 1951 Boder conducted similar interview with survivors of the Kansas City Flood. Boder's professional activities include the following: Director of Psychology and Research, Department of Mental Hygiene, Chicago Board of Health, and participated in organization of Mental Hygiene Clinic in Ida B. Wells Public Housing Project, May to October, 1952; Faculty sponsor of the Menorah Society of Lewis Institute, 1929; Active member of local, regional and national professional organizations.

Partial list of writings by David Pablo Boder: 1. Boder, David P., La B - S - T - M; La Escala Binet-Simon-Terman en su Adaptacion Provisional Para Mexico. Mexico, D.F., Talleres Graficos de la Nacion, 1925. 2. Boder, David P., A New Concept of Intelligence; essay dated 19??; Box 15/Lewis Institute Records/IIT Archives 3. Boder, David P., The Influence of Concomitant Activity and Fatigue Upon Certain Forms of Reciprocal Hand Movement and Its Fundamental Components. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, ca. 1935 4. Boder, David P., On the History of Experimental Psychology. Chicago: Lewis Institute, 1938 5. "Specters of Damnation," paper delivered to the Chicago Literary Club, November 7, 1949 6. Boder, David P., The Adjective-Verb Quotient, A Contribution to the Psychology of Language. Bloomington, Ind.: The Principia Press, 1940. (Discussed in Time, June 10, 1940, pp. 56 - 57.) 7. Boder, David P., Morse Code Training Forms: A Method of Learning by Anticipated Recognition. Chicago, Ill.: Illinois Institute of Technology, 1943. 8. Boder, David P., "Psychology and the War Effort," Illinois Tech Engineer & Alumnus, 1943, vol. 1, pg. 23. 9. Boder, David P., "The Displaced People of Europe," Illinois Tech Engineer, 1947, p. 2-7. 10. Boder, David P., I Did Not Interview the Dead, Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1949. (Reviewed in The Journal of Social Psychology, 1951, Vol. 34, pp. 145 - 148 and Saturday Review of Literature, May 6, 1950, p. 20.) 11. Boder, David P., Topical Autobiographies of Displaced People Recorded Verbatim in Displaced Persons Camps, with a Psychological and Anthropological Analysis. Chicago, 1950-57. 12. Koshtoyants, Kh. S., Essays on the History of Physiology in Russia, translated from the Russian by David P. Boder, Washington: American Institute of Biological Sciences, 1964. 13. Boder, David P. and Goldman, Irving L., The Significance of Audible Onset as a Cue for Sound Localization. Princeton, N.J: Psychological Review Co.; Journal of Experimental Psychology, vol. 30, no. 3, 1942; p. 261-272 illus.

Found in 5 Collections and/or Records:

Boder, David P. (David Pablo) recordings, 1930-1957

Identifier: 025.04.05
Description of the Collection Set of 180 DAT tapes, labeled as "Set 2", which are the digital surrogates made by Versation Corp. of the wire recordings made by David Boder of Holocaust survivors in 1937. Surrogates were made by Library of Congress Motion Picture, Broadcasting & Recorded Sound Division for Galvin Library for posting on the Voices of the Holocaust website. The original set of tapes is assumed to be held by Library of Congress. Also included are 22 CD-ROMs which contain the same audio content in...
Dates: Digitized: 1999-2001; 1930-1957

David Pablo Boder papers, 1930-1957

Identifier: 038.01.03
Description of the Collection Papers (unpublished) and articles (published) and by David Pablo Boder. Also includes the transcripts of oral interviews conducted by Boder with Holocaust survivors. All transcripts are in English, Boder having translated those which were conducted in Spanish, German, Russian, Yiddish, or Polish.Unpublished Papers: On the History of Experimental Psychology....
Dates: 1930-1957

Department of Psychology photographs, 1950-1972

Identifier: 009.02.09
Description of the Collection

Four black and white prints of Drs. Phil and Harriett Shurrager and colleagues W. A. Kerr, R. A. Dykman, David Boder, and Ira G. Salisbury.

Dates: 1950-1972

This American Life episode 197, 2001

Identifier: 038.01.04
Description of the Collection

Audio recording of a program titled "Before It Had A Name," broadcast October 26, 2001 as Episode 197 of public radio series "This American Life." Act One of the program is titled "Mr. Boder Vanishes" and concerns David Pablo Boder who traveled to post-WW II liberation camps to conduct oral histories (as recorded interviews) with Holocaust survivors. Portions of the interviews are included in the program.

Dates: 2001-10-26

Voices of the Holocaust Project papers, 1998-2005

Identifier: 025.04.04
Description of the Collection Research material gathered and created by Galvin Library staff members Jan Figa, Vince Golden, and Alison Atkins Denton in support of Galvin Library's "Voices of the Holocaust" website, which features information on (as well as audio links to, and transcriptions of) the interviews conducted by Illinois Institute of Technology professor David P. Boder in displaced persons camps in Europe in 1946. Materials include photocopies from Dr. Boder's papers at the UCLA Special Collections (including...
Dates: 1998-2005

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