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002/06. Publications

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Identifier: 002/06

Found in 8 Collections and/or Records:

Armour Engineer alumni magazine, 1909-1935

Identifier: 002.06.01
Description of the Collection

Full run of the Armour Engineer, a serial publication for Armour Institute alumni with school, research, and engineering news. A general index for Vol. 1-20 available, as well as an electronic index for Vol. 21- 26.

Dates: 1909-1935

Armour Engineer and Alumnus alumni magazine, 1935-1940

Identifier: 002.06.02
Description of the Collection

A full run of the alumni and newsletter published by the Armour Institute of Technology, with news about the university, research, and engineering news. An electronic index is available for this title is available.

Dates: 1935-1940

Armour Engineering Journal, 1903

Identifier: 002.06.05
Description of the Collection

Bound copy of the "Armour Engineering Journal, published by the Technical Socety at Armour Institute of Technology, Chicago, January 1903. Vol. 1, No. 1."

Dates: 1903

Armour Institute of Technology yearbooks, 1898-1940

Identifier: 002.06.07
Scope and Contents This collection consists of the annual student yearbooks at Armour Institute of Technology published between 1898 and 1940. The yearbook was known by three different titles (see series records): Integral, Senior Class Book, and The Cycle. Contents and organization of the yearbooks vary from year to year as student writers, photographers, and editors chose to include or exclude information of students by class year, members of faculty and administration, academic program, extracurricular...
Dates: 1898-1940

Armour Technology News print collection, 1928-1940

Identifier: 002.06.06
Scope and Contents

Serial publication titled Technology News or Tech News, a complete run from 1928-1940.

Dates: 1928 - 1940

External publicity about Armour Institute of Technology, 1897-1940

Identifier: 002.06.03
Description of the Collection

Magazine articles and news clippings about Armour Institute. The 1922 news clippings are exclusively about Armour Institute's baseball team and season.

Dates: 1897-1940

Technical Bulletin, Armour Institute of Technology, 1938-1939

Identifier: 002.06.08
Abstract The stated purpose of this journal (printed inside its cover) reads: "To make the results of its fundamental research investigaations available to the public, Armour Institute of Technology publishes a series of technial bulletins. These publications will consist of two types: first, technical bulletins giving the complete results of research investigations and second, reprints of papers presented through the technical press. The purpose of original bulletins is to present to the public...
Dates: 1938-1939

The Armour Alumnus, 1922-1923, 1926-1929, 1933

Identifier: 002.06.04
Scope and Contents This publication is distinct from the Armour Engineer and the Armour Engineer and Alumnus, which contained featured articles of scholarly and topical interest. The Armour Alumnus was more dedicated to news about faculty and alumni. Its serial numbers were inconsistent. Volume I evidently began in the fall of 1922 and ran into spring of 1923 (7 numbers), but an interruption ensued and volume II did not begin until fall 1926. Volumes II through IV then ensued through early 1929, when...
Dates: 1922-1923, 1926-1929, 1933

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