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Commencement programs, 1940-2010

Identifier: 016.02.01

Printed commencement programs, 1940-2010. The programs include a list of names, degrees, and honors awarded. Also includes names of speakers and honorary degree recipients. Many of the copies retained here are identified as "marked" with penciled additions and deletions made to the list after the program was printed, indicating that these are the corrected copies which were editied by the Registrar's Office after the programs were printed. The bound volumes are for the periods 1941 - 1947, 1948 - 1953, 1954 - 1958, 1959 - 1962, and 1959 - 1963. The collection also contains correspondence, memos, "final lists," for various years, procession order and seating plans for 1999, and postcard invitations for staff for 2003-2006. A register of the commencement of programs is listed here, with the name of the commencememnt speaker and/or honorary degree recipient.

1941 January
Alfred Kauffmann
1941 June
Albert W. Hawkes
1942 January
Raymond J. Koch
1943 February
Wilfred Sykes
1943 May
Rev. Joseph M. Egan, S. J.
1943 October
John I. Yellott
1944 February
Edward Charles Elliott
1944 June
George David Birkhoff
1944 October
Rev. Harold W. Ruopp. D.D.
1945 February
John Pomeroy Sanger
1945 June
Alex Davison Bailey
1945 October
John Day Larkin
1946 February
Ernest C. Colwell
1946 June
Louis L. Mann
1947 January
James Clinton Peebles
1947 June
Rev. Harold W. Ruopp, D. D.
1948 January
Harold C. Hunt
1948 June
Martin H. Kennelly (Mayor)
1949 January
Lenox Riley Lohr
1949 June
John J. Schommer
1950 January
Leverett Samuel Lyon
1950 June
Edwin Griswold Nourse
1951 January
Charles H. Percy
1951 June
Preston Bradley
1952 January
Kenneth Hildebrand
1952 June
Paul G. Armstrong, Alex D. Bailey
1953 January
Philip Sporn
1953 June
Alex D. Bailey
1954 January
Lewis K. Silcox
1954 June
Sterling Morton, Thomas Drever
1955 January
Charles Joseph Turck
1955 June
James Scott Kemper
1956 January
Dorothy Thompson
1956 June
Leonard Edward Read
1957 January
Arthur Burton Goetze
1957 June
Carter Davidson
1958 January
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
1958 June
William Littell Everitt
1959 January
Theodore von Karman
1959 June
James E. Day
1960 January
C. Virgil Martin
1960 June
Joseph L. Block
1961 January
Robert S. Stevenson
1961 June
Lloyd S. Michael
1962 January
Everett McKinley Dirksen, Senator
1962 June
Alan T. Waterman, Grover M. Hermann
1963 January
Arthur E. Summerfield
1963 June
Charles H. Malik
1964 January
David M. Kennedy
1964 June
Axel A. Hofgren, James Scott Kemper
1965 January
Harris Perlstein, Ronald Percy Bell
1965 June
Richard J. Daley (Mayor)
1966 January
Henry T. Heald
1966 June
Sr. Mary Huberta
1967 January
Raymond W. Ketchledge
1967 June
Abe M. Zarem
1968 January
Raymond W. Ketchledge
1968 June
Eric Goldberg, Joseph L. Block, Louis S. Hardin, Raymond J. Koch, Robert I. Wishnick
1969 January
Maynard P. Venema
1969 June
E. Douglas Schwantes
1970 January
Henry W. McGee
1970 June
John R. Cortelyou
1970 December
Louie B. Nunn
1971 May
Alexander Goldberg
1971 December
Julius J. Hoffman, Judge
1972 May
James F. Oates
1972 December
James A. Campbell
1973 May
James B. Holderman
1973 December
Rolf A. Weil
1974 May
Stanton R. Cook
1974 December
Edward E. David, Jr.
1975 May
H. Guyford Stever
1975 December
James M. Furman
1976 May
Thomas L. Martin
1976 December
Thomas L. Martin
1977 May
Thomas L. Martin
1977 December
Roland A. Budenholzer
1978 May
Sidney A. Guralnick
1978 December
Lewis M. Collens
1979 May
Maynard P. Venema
1979 December
Martin Kilpatrick
1980 May
Robert A. Pritzker; Robert Filler
1980 December
Albert B. Dick III
1981 May
Bennett Archambault
1981 December
Joseph B. Lanterman
1982 May
Thomas L. Martin
1982 December
None recorded
1983 May
None recorded
1983 December
None recorded
1984 May
None recorded
1984 December
None recorded
1985 May
None recorded
1985 December
None recorded
1986 May
None recorded
1986 December
Thomas L. Martin, Jr.
1987 May
None recorded
1987 December
None recorded
1988 May
None recorded
1988 December
None recorded
1989 May
Meyer Feldberg
1989 December
None recorded
1990 May
None recorded
1990 December
None recorded
1991 May
None recorded
1991 December
None recorded
1992 May
None recorded
1992 December
None recorded
1993 May
None recorded
1993 December
None recorded
1994 May
None recorded
1994 December
None recorded
1995 May
Robert M. White, Charles W. Finkl
1996 December
None recorded
1997 May
Serope Kalpakjian
1997 December
Mary Good, Max McGraw
1998 May
Charles M. Vest, James Ingo Freed
1998 December
Adele Simmons, M.A.
1999 May
Valdas Adamkus, Martin C. Jischke
1999 December
Elmer Johnson
2000 May
Neal F. Lane
2000 December
Robert F. Bernard
2001 May
Susan Solomon
2001 December
Undergraduate. Edward Reingold
2001 December
Graduate. Michael Witherell, Richard M. Jaffee, John W. Madigan
2002 May
James G. Roche
2002 December
Hamid Arastoopour
2003 May
Richard J. Durbin, Lin Weigan
2003 December
Undergraduate. Hermann Grunder
2003 December
Graduate. Candace Wark
2004 May
Marty Cooper. Student speaker - Kalindi Ashvin Parikh
2004 December
Undergraduate. Herek L. Clack. Student speaker Betsy Maria Raju
2004 December
Graduate. Darsh T. Wasan Note: Program has a world map recognizing IIT's international students' counties of origin.
2005 May
Presentation of regents, Robert Pritzker, Robert Galvin, & M.A. “Al” Self substituted for commencement speaker; Student Speaker Guillermo A. Casas
2005 December
Undergraduate Alexander J. Flueck. Student speaker Nicholas Campion
2005 December
Graduate M. Zia Hassan
2006 May
Patrick Whitney, Student speaker Natalie Carroll Rezek
2006 December
Undergraduate Robert Rosner. Student speaker Maram Kittaneh
2006 December
Graduate Helmut Jahn
2009 May
None recorded
2010 May
None recorded


  • Creation: 1940-2010


Language of Materials

Records are in English.

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Available for Research

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145 Items

5 volumes : Bound volumes

140 Issues

Biographical Note

Commencement exercises are held twice a year, in May and December. Graduate salutes are held prior to graduation, in March and November. Beginning with spring commencement 2008, the university began holding only one commencement ceremony a year.


Formerly 2001.054

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Catherine Bruck, University Archivist 01/20/2003

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