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031/10. Films/Audio-Visual

 Record Group Term
Identifier: 031/10

Found in 10 Collections and/or Records:

Snow Cruiser film, 1939

Identifier: 031.10.09
Description of the Collection Black and white silent film: From Armour Institute to Little America - With Byrd and Poulter. Probably produced by Armour Research Foundation for promotional purposes. Contains only a few feet of footage of the Cruiser being driven down a street (probably from Pullman shops to Grant Park). Also contains footage of the plane taking off from unidentified airport. Balance of film is apparently stock footage added to suggest the Cruiser's transport to Antarctica. 1998.29.a 16 mm film reel (copy...
Dates: 1939

Space! film, 1961

Identifier: 031.10.02
Description of the Collection Film titled "Space!" which was commercially produced for television broadcast. Black & white with sound, intended as a 30 minute program; film included the commercials run with the original broadcast which was aired in 1961 (October 26?) by WBKB, Channel 7, the ABC affiliate in Chicago. Norman Ross interviews scientists (on-site in labs and offices at ARF) from Armour Research Foundation of Illinois Institute of Technology about research being conducted in connection with the U. S....
Dates: 1961

Industry on Parade film, 1951

Identifier: 031.10.05
Description of the Collection

16 mm film, "Industry on Parade." Black and white, 8½" d., DuPont Safety film. The film is about 20 minutes with two soundtracks. Film begins with: "Pictorial Review of Events in Business and Industry Produced each week by the National Association of Manufacturers". the film includes a segment on Armour Research Foundation. See acc. No. 1998.180 Technology Center Events, issue March 12, 1951 for a mention of this film and ARF's segment.

Dates: 1951

Nuclear Reactor film, 1956

Identifier: 031.10.08
Description of the Collection This film about the Armour Research Foundation Nuclear Reactor was submitted as a "television news release" along with a 2-page script dated June 28, 1956. Per the news release, the film is 40 feet; 1 minute, 7 seconds long; 16 mm; B&W; silent. Included in this collection (1998.087) is apparently raw footage, negative film, and the final cut of the film as follows: 1) Armour Nuclear Reactor; 3" d.; B & W negative; ca. 2 min.; dupe.; on core. 2) Armour Nuclear Reactor; 1 1/10min.;...
Dates: 1956

Symbolic Control film, 1966

Identifier: 031.10.01
Description of the Collection

Film titled "Symbolic Control; # 55; 16 mm; color; sound (variable sound track); 9" d.; ca. 20 min.; on reel; excellent condition. On leader: "SMPTE/Society Leader/Issue 2/1953" "W/O 90101" "E/C INT - NEG" "ESICAY [or ESKAY?]"

Dates: 1953

Research: Key to Progress film, 1956

Identifier: 031.10.03
Description of the Collection Film titled Research: Key to Progress: The Story of Armour Research Foundation of Illinois Institute of Technology. Sound and color with narration, music, and cartoon-type graphics. Produced by ARF, filmed by Lewis and Martin Films, Inc. Ca. 10 minutes. Probably made as a promotion to attract potential clients who would hire ARF to conduct research. Haldon A. Leedy, director of ARF 1948-1963, speaks about research; views of ARF buildings (designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe)....
Dates: 1956

Motorboat films, 1962

Identifier: 031.10.06
Description of the Collection

Two 16 mm film reels with the following identification on canister, film reels and/of film leaders: "Motor Boats / LUOMA ?" and "Motor Boats Armour Research Foundation, "overexp istop," July 1962." Ralph Luoma was Illinois Institiute of Technology's campus photographer ca. 1963. Both films are B & W, silent, 16mm, 3½" d., ca. 5 min. Perforated number: 727841513 and 727849506.

Dates: 1962

Technical Revolution film, 1962-1989

Identifier: 031.10.04
Description of the Collection 16 mm film labeled "Abelson-Frankel, Inc., Technical Revolution, standard version PRT # 67." The film is in color, sound, 9½" diameter, ca. 20 min., 800 (ft?). On leader: "The Technical Revolution Standard Version" "SMPTE Universal Leader" Label on can: "Geo W. Colburn Laboratory Inc., Chicago. Please return to: James Pearre, Manager, Public Information Office, IITRI." This film may have an ARF/IITRI connection as a film that they commissioned or as a commercial product that was...
Dates: 1962-1989

Action-Reaction films, ca. 1963

Identifier: 031.10.07
Description of the Collection

Two 16 mm reels, label on first reel reads "Action - Reaction, Acceleration - Deceleration," black and white, silent, 4½" diameter, ca. 8 min. The reel is rusted. Second reel's label reads "Orbit - ( Action - Reaction Demo ), ARF (?). IIT/Ralph Luoma" Film is 100 feet, color, 3½" diameter, ca. 5 min., on spool, perforated number: 725811336. Note: Ralph Luoma was IIT campus photographer circa 1963.

Dates: 1963

Marvin Camras film, 1940-1963

Identifier: 031.10.10
Description of the Collection One reel of film apparently connected with Marvin Camras. Tag found with it reads: N/T Rock S4 Z4816 Film 35 MM 1 Reel Hold for M. Cameras" (sic) [Camras ?]. Back of tag reads: Armour Research Foundation of Illinois Institute of Technology. On rusted 10" reel; poor condition - film was warped and damaged (spotted) with no image visible and vinegar syndrome (as of Sept. 2004). At the request of Pres. Lew Collens, this item was sent to Vidipax (New York, NY) for conservation assessment and...
Dates: 1940-1963

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