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Charles Leonard Lynch papers, 1933-1988

Identifier: 004.01.01

The Lynch papers are arranged in four groupings. The three-ring binder includes:

Three-ring binder holding plastic sleeves

  1. A photocopy of Charles Lynch's obituary from 1988
  2. A sheet (on gold paper) announcing an "All Armour Night at the famous Joseph Urban Room of the Congress Hotel where Charles Gaylord and his New York-Hollywood orchestra is serving the tops in uptown-lowdown rhythm. Friday, May 3rd" (no year given).
  3. A three-page list of registrants at the "Northern Illinois Waterworks Institute, Northwestern Technological Institute, Evanston, Illinois, October and November, 1946"
  4. A four-page typed document titled "Filter Plant Operation" by James E. Kerslake, dated October 25, 1946
  5. A single typed sheet titled "References"
  6. A three-page document titled "Northern Illinois Waterworks Institute, Northwestern Technological Institute, Evanston, Illinois" and "Public Relations--From My Viewpoint" by Oscar E. Hewitt, Commissioner of Public Works, City of Chicago."
  7. A one-page "Northern Illinois Waterworks Institute Assignment Sheet" for dates between October 16 and November 6 of 1946
  8. A two-page list of lectures (with dates and topics) at the "First Annual Northern Illinois Waterworks Institute, October and November, 1946"
  9. Two pages stapled together from Northwestern University's Technological Institute, including notification of receipt of application to attend the Northern Illinois Waterworks Institute, plus a copy of the lectures (with topics and dates) for that Institute.
  10. A mimeographed sheet from a Structural Design class, with a page of handwritten notes
  11. A two-page summary (typed) of "Chemical Equilibria in Water Treatment" by T.E. Larson
  12. A one-page mimeographed sheet, "Maintenance of Pumps, Motors, and Controls" by James L. Weeks
  13. A two-page "List of Apparatus and Supplies for a Bacteriological Laboratory for Small Cities"
  14. An eleven-page essay, "The Examination of Water," by M. Starr Nichols o) A two page "Outline of Sterilization of Water Mains"
  15. Two pages of handwritten notes by Lynch on public health matters
  16. A six-page document titled "Coagulation of Lake Michigan Water" by Albert J. Fox
  17. A photocopy of Lynch's certification as a Registered Professional Engineer by the State of Illinois, dated September 4, 1946
  18. Two photocopied photographs titled "Western Avenue Reservoir, Department of Public Works for City of Chicago, April 23, 1956"
  19. An envelope titled "Papers of Charles Leonard Lynch, Civil Engineer," containing various documents from his time as a student at Armour Institute and the Illinois Institute of Technology, including academic transcripts, grade cards, receipts for tuition paid, a student I.D. card, and a 1941 letter from IIT's registrar, 1934-1944.

A notebook, inscribed "Charles L. Lynch, 1935" on an opening page; it contains surveying calculations and coordinates for various locations in northern Illinois and at Camp Armour in Wisconsin. The notebook begins with notations dated June 16, 1935 and ends with notations dated July 25, 1935. It also has a map of the Camp Armour area glued near its back cover.

Ten folders containing notes taken by Lynch as a student at Armour Institute and at IIT. These notes were found in various textbooks of his (not retained by the IIT Archives) and were clearly created in connection with various courses that Lynch took at the time. The folders are (with contents):

  1. A sheet of mathematical calculations, plus four mimeographed pages (dated February 1940) issued by Chemical Engineering 6 (303), containing assignments relative to the textbook by Linton E. Grinder, "Theory of Modern Steel Structures" (1936).
  2. Four pages of notes and calculations, found inside "Steel Construction: A Manual for Architects, Engineers and Fabricators of Buildings...." by the American Institute of Steel Construction (1940). This volume was inscribed "C.E. 408."
  3. Two pages of notes (one dated May 27, 1935) found inside "Engineering Mechanics" by Frank L. Brown (1931)
  4. A mimeographed sheet issued in connection with Chemical Engineering 3,4 on May 29, 1939; evidently an exam; found inside "Introductory College Chemistry" by Horace G. Deming (1933)
  5. Five sheets of drawings and calculations; one mimeographed sheet from Chemical Engineering 305, either an exam or an assignment sheet; found inside "Reinforced Concrete" by Robert A. Caughey (1936)
  6. Five mimeographed carts and graphs, one of which was produced by "M. Wiberg, AIT 1939." Also, three mimeographed sheets from a course taught by Wiberg, containing assignments. These were all found inside a copy of "Motion and Time study" by Ralph M. Barnes (1937)
  7. Twenty-three pages of handwritten notes; also, a three-page mimeographed handout titled "Geology Questionnaire"; all found inside a copy of "Geology: Principles and Processes" by William H. Emmons et. al. (1939)
  8. Three pages of notes found inside a copy of "Introduction to Highway Engineering" by John H. Bateman (1939)
  9. Twenty-five handwritten pages of notes and corrected work assignments, found inside a copy of "Strength of Materials" by Alfred P. Poorman (1937)
  10. A mimeographed sheet titled "Materials Testing Laboratory, Civil Engineering Department: General Instructions Concerning Reports.," found inside a copy of "Hydraulics" by Ernest W. Schoder and Frances M. Dawson" (1934)

A copy of a bound report titled "First Annual Northern Illinois Waterworks, Northwestern Technological Institute, Evanston, Illinois, October-November 1946," from the same conference that generated much of the smaller manuscripts to be found in item #1 (above).

Miscellaneous mimeographed reports from Lynch's early decades (1940s-1960s) with the City of Chicago. These include:

  1. "Pure Water: Published Monthly to Promote In-Service Training Among Employees of South District Filtration Plant...Chicago, November 1949"
  2. "Planning the 950-MGD Central District Filtration Plant for Chicago...W.W. Deberar, City Engineer, October 19, 1951."
  3. Six editions of "Pure Water, Every Drop Pure and Palatable: A Publication...of the Bureau of Water, Department of Water and Sewers, City of Chicago" from 1963-1965.


  • Creation: 1933-1988


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Records are in English.

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Biographical Note

Charles Leonard Lynch was born in 1911. A graduate engineer from the Illinois Institute of Technology, he spent his career with the City of Chicago's Department of Public Works. He worked as an engineer in the construction of the south water filtration plant and then remained there for a time as an engineer. Afterward, he assisted in the construction of the Jardine Water Purification Plant at 1000 E. Ohio Street, where he then worked as a filtration engineer. He eventually served as a water engineer in the office of Chicago's chief water engineer. He died in October 1988 at MacNeal Memorial Hospital in Berwyn, Illinois.


Gift of Ruth Peckler

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Formerly 2013.009


Mindy C. Pugh, Assistant University Archivist, 8/1/2013

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