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Robert Filler papers, 1959-2009

Identifier: 038.01.55

Papers of Robert Filler, Professor in the Chemistry Department, Illinois Institute of Technology. Mainly reprints of Filler’s contributions to academic and scientific journals, with some correspondence with journal editors and a description of one of his patents. 1959-2009.

Articles by title:

“The 2.4.6-tris (trifluoromethyl)phenyl1 group: methyl and vinyl ketones and related chemistry” (with Zhengrong Kong, Zhaoxu Zhang, Arun Kr. Sinha, Xiaofang Li). Published in the Journal of Fluorine Chemistry, vol. 80 (1996), pp. 71-75.

“Chemistry of Lactones” (with Lourdes H. Mark and Edmund J. Piawek), 1959.

“Chemistry of Lactones: A One=step Synthesis of a-Phenyl-y-Benzylidene Butenolide” (with Y.S. Rao), 1975.

“Fluorine in Medical Chemistry: A Century of Progress and a 60-year Retrospective of Selected Highlights” (with Rituparna Saha), 2009.

“Flourine-containing Chiral Compounds of Biomedical Interest,” 2000.

“Fluoride-containing B-dicarbonyl Compounds” (with S.M. Navqi), 1963.

“Flourine-containing drugs,” 1979.

“Fluoromedical Chemistry: An Overview of Recent Developments,” 1993.

“Geometric Isomers of 2-Aryl(Aralkyl)-4-arylidene(alkykidone)-5(4H)-oxazolones” (with Y. Shyamsunder Rao). Published in Synthesis: International Journal of Methods in Synthetic Organic Chemistry (1975), no. 12: December.

“Hydrolytic Stabilotyu of the Trifluoromethyl Group on the Armomatic Nucleus” (with H. Novar). Published in Chemistry and Industry (1960), pp. 1273-1274.

“An Improved Synthesis of 9-[2-(Diethoxyphosponomethoxy) Ethyl]Adenine and its Analogues with Other Purine Bases Utilizing the Mitsunobu Reaction” (with Wei Chen, Michael T. Flavin, Ze-Qi Xu), 1996.

“The Multicentered Reactivity of Pseudoxazolones” (with Edmund J. Piasek), 1964.

“New Reactions of Polyfluoroaromatic Compounds” (with Nagaraj R. Ayyangar, Wlodzimimierz Gustowski and Hynug H. Kang), 1969.

“Octafluoro[2.2]Paracyclophane” (with F.N. Miller), 1965.

“Oxazolones” (with Y. Shyamsunder Rao). Published in Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compound, vol. 5,no. 45 (1986), (Turchi, ed.) (2 sets).

“Photodimerization of a Pseudoxalone” (with Edmund J. Piasek), 1963.

“Polyethylene Oxide-Based Gel Membrane Electrolytes for Lithium Batteries” (with Kan Luo and Braja K. Mandal), 2009.

“Polyfluoroaryl Carbonyl Chemistry: Benzalacetophenones” (with Victor D. Beaucaire, H.H. Hong). Published in the Journal of Organic Chemistry, vol. 40, 935-939 (1975).

“Protonation Studies on Isomeric Tetrafluoro-2,11-Ditha[3.3] Cyclophanes…” (with Kenneth K. Laali, John J. Houser, Zhengrong Kong), 1994.

“Reactions of Organic Compounds with Xenon Fluorides,” 1978.

“Recent Advances in the Biomedicinal Chemistry of Flourine-Containing Compounds” (with Kenneth K. Kirk), 1996.

“A Simple Method for the Generation of Stable Triarylmethyl Free Radicals” (with S.V. Kulkarni, A.e. Fiebig), 1970.

“Structure of the Fiesselmann and Ehmann Compound and its Relation to Lactones” (with Y.S. Rao), 1964.

“Synthesis and Characterization of a New Class of Mono-lithium Salts for PEO-Based Solid Polymer Eectrolytes” (with Amartya Chakrabarti and Braja Mandal), 2007.

“Synthesis of 1,2,3,4-Tetrafloruo- and 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8-Octaflouroanthracenes via Cycloaddition-Reversion” (with Gary L. Cantrell), 1985.

“Synthesis of 4-Arylidene-isoxazolones and Pyrazolones via Vinylogons Acid Halides” (with Y.S. Rao, T.M. Muzyczko, P. Owen), 1965.

“Synthesis of Butenolides via a Vinylogous Acid Halide (with Y.S. Rao), 1964.

“Synthesis of Pentaluorophphenylalanine” (with Wlodzimierz Gustowski), 1965.

“Tetrafluorotyrosine: Synthesis and Properties” (with H.H. Kang), 1965. “New Aspects of the Meerwein Arylation Route to Amuno-acids (with L. Gorelic and B. Taqui-Khan), 1962

“Three-Step Synthetic Methodology to a New Family of Polylithium Salts for Lithium-ion Batteries” (with Amartya Chakrabarti and Braja K. Mandal), 2009.

Also a copy of the U.S. Patent (6,746,794) under date June 8, 2004, “Thermal Runaway Inhibitors,” invented by Filler and Braja K. Mandal.

Also correspondence between Filler and Dr. W.T. Lippincott, editor of the Journal of Chemical Education, regarding Filler’s submission of a review of Hudlicky’s “Chemistry of Organic Fluorine Compounds,” 2nd edition, with typescript of the review, 1982

Also correspondence between Filler and Sue Lord, Promotion Manager for the Elsevier Biomedical Press, regarding the press’ world-wide promotion of Filler’s and Y. Kobayashi’s “Biomedicinal Fluroine Chemistry,” 1983.


  • Creation: 1959-2009

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Obituary from Shalom Memorial Funeral Home, 1700 W. Rand Road, Arlington Heights (January 2019).

Robert Filler, 95, died Jan. 8th, husband of the late Miriam, nee Holland; father of Debby Filler, Rebecca (Tom) Helgesen, Daniel (Chapin) Filler, Michael (Mary Beth) Knize and the late Susan Filler; grandfather of 8; brother of the late Ruth (Lawrence) Jacobs and the late George Filler; uncle and friend to many. The son of Alfred and Ethel, Robert “Bob”was born in Brooklyn and graduated from City College of New York. During World War II he served in the Army in Chicago. There he met Lael Rosenbloom, whom he married in 1945. After the war he earned his Ph.D in chemistry – in under four years — at the University of Iowa. Bob began teaching at Ohio Wesleyan University. In 1954, when Lael passed away, he and their three young daughters, Susan, Rebecca and Debby, moved to Gary, Indiana. Bob then joined the Illinois Institute of Technology. In 1959, he married Miriam, who brought a son, Michael, to the family. In 1962, they had another son, Daniel. Bob and Miriam remained fiercely devoted to each other throughout their long lives. At IIT, Bob was a professor of chemistry, chair of the chemistry department, and dean of the Lewis College of Sciences and Letters. He was an active researcher and scholar, receiving numerous grants, publishing over 180 papers, and advising scores of graduate students. Bob was an active member of the American Chemical Society continuously from 1947, and in 1976 he chaired the fluorine division. He lectured widely, serving as a visiting professor at universities in England, Israel, and Germany, as well as giving papers in Russia, Poland and Japan. After retirement, Bob co-founded an RandD start-up, working into his nineties. He was a lifelong sports fan, from the Brooklyn Dodgers to the Chicago White Sox. He loved to sing and dance with Miriam to classics like “let’s dance at the make-believe ballroom.” When not traveling abroad, he loved showing his family the breadth and beauty of the United States, taking them to conferences and vacationing from coast to coast. Chapel service Friday 12:15 PM at Shalom Memorial Funeral Home, 1700 W. Rand Road, Arlington Heights. Interment Shalom Memorial Park. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Sholom Home Bentsen Assisted Living Center in St. Paul, MN

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Transferred from Aric Arens, Government Documents Librarian at the Paul V. Galvin Library, IIT, May 2023.

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